Lame Johnny Creek

Lame Johnny Creek - The Band

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What is Lame Johnny Creek?

Lame Johnny Creek has been described as a Psychedelic Jazz Folk Rock Band with a Bohemian twist.  Or, as one described it as poetry with a music attachment.  Whatever it is it fits no pre-defined category and sets itself apart from standard radio play songs of today.  

The latest project for Our Children's Children deals with the pressing issues of the day including the environment, politics, consumerism, war and love. 

Who Is Lame Johnny Creek?

The band name Lame Johnny Creek claims it's namesake from a creek named Lame Johnny Creek in South Dakota.  The creek gets it's name from an outlaw named Cornelius "Lame Johnny" Donahue who was hung west of Lame Johnny Creek in October, 1878.  Lame Johnny came from Philadelphia and was mild mannered, a musicain, college educated and was working as a bookeeper when he took to stealing horses and robbing stagecoaches throughout the Black Hills in South Dakota.  He was called Lame Johnny because of his limp from a childhood injury.